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Violence in the family

Tension or conflicts are not an unlikely situation between members of a family, but sometimes, these quarrels lead to violent actions that affect the physical and mental health of those that sustain them.

Violence is usually exercised by the most powerful person towards the weakest one.

Who are the immolators?

It is difficult to discriminate most of the culprits, since they usually seem like good family men or professionals.

This image often discourages their victims and averts them from expressing their drama to their close friends or relatives.

Main Forms of Abuse

Physical abuse, that includes all kinds of injuries or bruises that are not caused by accidents.

Psychological abuse, which can come in the forms of rejection, intimidation, isolation, exploitation, devaluation.

Neglect, when nutrition, housing, wear, or medical care are insufficient to the point of being seriously dangerous for the victim health and growth.

Sexual violation - Incest, which concerns victim's participation or exposure to sexual actions motivated by an adult.This can include different forms of abuse, with or without contact, molestation, rape or incest.

Myths and Truths about Abuse

Myth: Victims cause themselves their abuse.
Truth: This is the most common excuse that immolators use.
Myth: Some women like to be abused.
Truth: Noone likes to be abused, but fear is the main reason why they don't react.
Myth: Violence between spouses is not a criminal offence.
Truth: Violence is a criminal offence which can lead to jail.
Myth: Children are not affected.
Truth: Direct or indirect effects of violence on children are always traumatic.

When is a woman abused?

During the beginning of a relationship, any woman can observe some of the following abuse indications. Her partner:

  • Is pathologically jealous of her
  • Controls her every move
  • Gets irritated and violent without particular reason

If the above indications escalate, then the transition to abuse stage is complete . That usually means:

  • The partner hits, threatens, throws objects around
  • Isolates the victim from her friendly - family environment
  • Threatens the victim by using the children (if there are any)
  • Forces the victim to pay any household financial dues, does not spend money for the family, claims victim's personal income
  • Creates an atmosphere of fear and insecurity in the family

If a woman lives with a violent man...

She should :

  • Care for her physical and mental integrity.
  • Necessarily look for a job to be able to cover her own expenses.
  • Voice her problems to her best friend.
  • Contact the appropriate authorities that can help her.

Other Authorities that can help

You can also address the following authorities:

  • Hospitals and Health Centres on duty
  • Police Stations
  • K.E.TH.I.
  • Social Services

How does an abused child feel?

When a child is neglected or confronts violence, then:

  • Has a particularly low self-esteem
  • Has irrational fears
  • Is suspicious towards any adult
  • Reacts passively, is dominated by stress
  • Is subsidiary and insecure
  • Can show further behaviour disorder, like enuresis, passiveness etc.
  • His school progress is affected or stopped as he presents scholastic difficulties.

Every child needs and has a right to: Acceptance, love, encouragement, discipline, coherence and attention.

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